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Save Clues

  • The second type of clue is called a Save Clue.
  • In Hanabi, there are only so many copies of a particular card. If all copies of a card are discarded, then it is impossible to get the maximum score. Thus, we give Save Clues to communicate that specific cards should be saved for later.

On Chop Cards Only

  • Save Clues can only be given to cards on chop.
    • So, if a clue is focused on a non-chop card, then it must be a Play Clue instead.

List of Savable Cards

  • The team must save the following cards (and are only allowed to save the following cards):
    • All 5's
    • Unique 2's (i.e. 2's that are the only copy currently visible)
    • Critical cards (i.e. cards that have all other copies discarded)
  • The reason for saving 5's and critical cards is obvious: if they are discarded, the maximum score lowers.
  • The reason for saving 2's is not obvious. We agree to treat 2's similar to critical cards because they are really important for consistently getting the maximum score.

Sometimes You Won't Know, So Hold It

  • Sometimes, a clue that focuses the chop card could be either a Play Clue or a Save Clue.
  • When this happens, the player receiving the clue must consider both possibilities and hold on to the card until they know for sure.
  • Specifically, this means that they will write a card note that includes all of the possibilities for a Play Clue and all of the possibilities for a Save Clue.

Three Types of Save Clues

  • Corresponding to the list above, there are three types of Save Clues:
    • 5 Saves
    • 2 Saves
    • Critical Saves
  • Let's go through each individually.