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Next Steps

  • Congratulations! You made it through the beginner's guide and now you know about the basic way we play:
    1. How to discard: The Chop
    2. The two types of clues: Play Clues & Save Clues
    3. How to interpret a clue: Single Clue Focus
    4. Don't duplicate cards: Good Touch Principle
    5. Save all the important cards: Save Principle
    6. Be efficient: Minimum Clue Value Principle
    7. Extinguish all the clues in the Early Game
    8. Use Prompts and Finesses, if possible
  • You are ready to play some games with other members of the H-Group.
  • Don't read anything else on the website until you have played a bunch of games with the group.
  • Next, find out how to join a game with us.