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These conventions apply to any variant with a white suit (i.e. touched by no colors).

The Loaded Play Clue Assumption‚Äč

  • Since it can be hard to get white cards on chop to play, the Always Loaded Principle applies to save clues given with number 2, number 3, and number 4.
  • For example, in a 3-player game:
    • White 2 and red 2 are played on the stacks. Blue 3 is in the trash.
    • Bob has a globally-known playable green 1 in his hand.
    • Alice clues number 3 to Bob, touching a 3 on Bob's chop.
    • Normally, Bob would interpret this as an Early Save on the blue 3.
    • However, Bob knows that white 3 is currently playable and that he is Loaded. Thus, this must be a Play Clue on either a white 3 or a red 3.