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Pink & Omni

These conventions apply to variants that have 50% or more of cards touched by all ranks. (For example, in the "Pink & Omni (3 Suit)" variant, 66% of the cards are touched by all ranks, so these convention would apply.)

Pink & Omni Majority Conventions‚Äč

  • Just like in normal games, if a rank clue is given to a chop card and it could be a Save Clue (e.g. a 2 Save, 5 Save, critical pink 3 save, etc.), then it is treated as a Save Clue.
  • Any other type of rank clue is instead treated as a Positional Clue, telling the person who is clued to play the respective slot number.
    • These kind of Positional Clues can be Delayed Play Clues, Reverse Finesses, and so forth.