These conventions apply to any variant with an omni (touched by all clues) suit.

Pink Conventions#

  • All pink conventions also apply to omni cards.

Soft Good Touch Principle#

  • Sometimes, players can play cards "automatically" from Good Touch Principle.
  • For example, if the blue 4 and the omni 5 are played on the stacks, then a remaining blue card would be a known blue 5, and would be automatically played without any additional clues being given.
  • However, due to the nature of omni cards, it is common for clues to "pick up" trash omni cards.
  • Thus, players should not automatically play cards from Good Touch Principle in this manner.
  • However, players should still play clued cards if they could be part of a Prompt.
  • For example:
    • All the 1's are played on the stacks.
    • Bob has a card marked in his has with a number 1 clue.
    • From Good Touch Principle, Bob knows that the card as either omni 2, omni 3, omni 4, or omni 5.
    • Alice gives a Play Clue to an omni 3 in Cathy's hand.
    • Bob knows that he is Prompted for the omni 2. He plays the number 1 card (as opposed to blind-playing slot 1 as a Finesse).