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These conventions apply to any variant with an omni (touched by all clues) suit.

Pink Conventions

  • All pink conventions also apply to omni cards.

Soft Good Touch Principle

  • Sometimes, players can play cards "automatically" from Good Touch Principle.
  • For example, if the blue 4 and the omni 5 are played on the stacks, then a remaining blue card would be a known blue 5, and would be automatically played without any additional clues being given.
  • However, due to the nature of omni cards, it is common for clues to "pick up" trash omni cards.
  • Thus, players should not automatically play cards from Good Touch Principle in this manner.
  • However, players should still play clued cards if they could be part of a Prompt.
  • For example:
    • All the 1's are played on the stacks.
    • Bob has a card marked in his has with a number 1 clue.
    • From Good Touch Principle, Bob knows that the card as either omni 2, omni 3, omni 4, or omni 5.
    • Alice gives a Play Clue to an omni 3 in Cathy's hand.
    • Bob knows that he is Prompted for the omni 2. He plays the number 1 card (as opposed to blind-playing slot 1 as a Finesse).

Trash Pushes in Omni

  • When a Trash Push happens in a normal variant, if more than one card is touched, then all of the touched cards are known to be trash.
  • When a Trash Push happens in a variant with an omni suit, if more than one card is touched, it is possible that only the card on chop was trash, and that the other cards touched are useful / critical omni cards.
  • In this situation, after blind-playing the Trash Pushed card, the player should first discard the card that initiated the Trash Push (the oldest card) and then hold on to the other touched cards.
    • In this situation, Good Touch Principle applies to the other touched cards. The other members of the team must give a Fix Clue to those cards if they are also trash.