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These conventions apply to any variant with a gray (colorless and one-of-each) suit.

White Conventions

  • All white conventions also apply to gray cards.

Gray 2 and Gray 5 Saves

  • Just like any other suit, players should use the 2 Save convention and the 5 Save convention to save the gray 2 and the gray 5.
  • Note that normally, the Always Loaded Principle applies to white cards, but we agree that it does not apply to the gray 2 / gray 5 when they are saved with a 2 Save or a 5 Save, respectively. (This is because the value of giving tempo to a dark card is not as important as being able to save 2's or 5's in the early game or in stalling situations.)

Gray 3 and Gray 4 Saves

  • Obviously, players must use number 3 and number 4 to save the gray 3 and the gray 4, respectively.
  • Thus, players have to remember that any number 3 or number 4 clue to their chop could be a save on the gray 3 or the gray 4.
  • Additionally, according to the Always Loaded Principle, save clues with number 3 or number 4 are always Loaded.