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Extremely Ambiguous

These conventions apply to the "Extremely Ambiguous" variants.

Blue Color Clues

  • A blue color clue means to play the Second Finesse Position (as before the blue color clue was given).
  • Players can also use blue to initiate a Finesse. For example:
    • It is the first turn of the game and nothing is played on the stacks.
    • Alice clues blue to Cathy.
    • Bob blind-plays slot 1 as sky 1.
    • Cathy plays slot 2 as sky 2.
  • Blue color clues are only to be used as a last resort, meaning that if it is possibly to cleanly clue the Second Finesse Position with a number clue, then players must do so.
  • Cards touched with blue do not count as being touched for the purposes of discarding, Good Touch Principle, and so forth.

The Unnecessary Blue Bluff

  • Since blue color clues are only to be used as a last resort, players can use them in situations that are unnecessary in order to communicate something extra.
  • In a situation where a clean number clue was available and a blue color clue was used instead, the next player should blind-play their Finesse Position card as a Known Bluff.
  • The next player after that will assume that a Finesse occurred. However, once they play their Second Finesse Position card and see that it is an unrelated suit, then they will know that an Unnecessary Blue Bluff occurred.
  • For example, in a 3-player game:
    • It is the first turn and nothing is played on the stacks.
    • Cathy's hand is, from newest to oldest: sky 4, sky 1, sky 4, sky 3, sky 3
    • If Alice clues number 1 to Cathy, she could cleanly "get" the sky 1.
    • Instead, Alice clues blue to Cathy, touching all 5 cards in Cathy's hand. Cathy knows that this means that she can play her slot 2 card.
    • Bob sees that Cathy's blue clue was unnecessary, because a number 1 clue could have cleanly gotten the sky 1. Since blue clues are only to be used as a last resort, this must be an Unnecessary Blue Bluff.
    • Bob blind-plays his Finesse Position card and it is a berry 1.
    • Cathy knows that a Play Clue on slot 2 made Bob blind-play, so this must be a Finesse and Cathy must have the berry 2 to connect to Bob's blind-play.
    • Cathy plays her slot 2 card as berry 2 and it is instead the sky 1. Cathy now knows that Alice performed an Unnecessary Blue Bluff.

Advanced Conventions