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Dual-Color (6 Suits)

These conventions apply to the "Dual-Color (6 Suits)" variant.

The Negative Prompt

  • In this variant, since negative color information conveys just as much information as positive color information, you should include that when deciding which card to play into a Prompt.
  • For example:
    • Alice has a red card in slot 1 and a red card in slot 2.
    • Alice is Prompted for a mahogany 2. (Mahogany is composed of red and black.)
    • Normally, Alice would play slot 1, since Prompts promise the left-most card.
    • However, Alice's slot 1 card has no negative clues, and her slot 2 card has a negative yellow clue.
    • Thus, this is a Negative Prompt and Alice plays slot 2 instead of slot 1.

Order Chop Move Change

  • Normally, Order Chop Moves, are "turned off" when two different 1's have different positive clues on them.
    • For example, Order Chop Moves would be "turned off" in the situation where Alice has one 1 has a positive 1 clue on it, and Alice has another 1 with a positive 1 clue on it and a positive red clue on it.
  • In the "Dual Color (6 Suit)" variant, Order Chop Moves are never turned off when there are two different 1's, regardless of different positive or negative color clues on them.
  • The only exception is when the exact identity of the 1 is known (e.g. from being completely "filled in"). In this situation, Order Chop Moves are turned off.