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Dark Pink

These conventions apply to any variant with a dark pink (touched by all ranks and one of each) suit.

Black Conventions & Pink Conventions

  • Dark Pink "inherits" all of the conventions for black cards and all of the conventions for pink cards.
  • Some specific clarifications and exceptions are listed below.

Save Clues

  • Just like a black suit, dark pink 3 and dark pink 4 are saved with a pink color clue.

Dark Pink Tempo Clues

  • Normally, Tempo Clues on pink cards would never cause a Tempo Clue Chop Move (because Tempo on pink cards is important).
  • However, this does not apply to dark pink cards. Tempo Clues on dark pink cards work as they normally do. (Meaning that it is possible to perform a Tempo Clue Chop Move by giving a Tempo Clue to a dark pink card, provided that all of the other normal Tempo Clue Chop Move conditions are met.)

The Fake 5's Chop Move

  • Players are allowed to violate Pink Promise on dark pink cards in order to perform a Fake 5's Chop Move.
  • This means that Pink Promise no longer applies to off chop cards when they are clued as a 5, unless it was just a 5 Stall.

The Fake 5 Pull & The Fake 5 Number Discharge

  • Similar to the Fake 5's Chop Move&, players can also violate Pink Promise in order to initiate a 5 Pull or a 5 Number Discharge*.
  • Sometimes, when a 5 Pull is occurring, it can be ambiguous to other players on the team as to whether a 5 Pull or a 5 Stall is happening. However, when a Fake 5 Pull (or a Fake 5 Number Discharge) is happening, everyone can be sure that it is a 5 Pull, because it would be illegal to violate Pink Promise when performing a 5 Stall.