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These conventions apply to any variant with a brown (touched by no ranks) suit.

Brown Saves

  • Any brown clue to a chop card is first and foremost to be treated as a Save Clue.
  • For example, at the beginning of the game, a brown clue to a chop card would either be a 5 Save (on a brown 5) or a 2 Save (on a brown 2).
  • In order to get around this (e.g. when a brown 1 is on someone's chop), use Brown Tempo Clue Inversion (covered later), Brown Loaded Play Clues (covered later), and Occupied Play Clues.

Brown Tempo Clues

  • If a player gives a Tempo Clue to a single brown card, it is never a Tempo Clue Chop Move.
  • This is because it is fairly valuable to get brown cards out of the hand as soon as possible in case blocking cards are drawn.
  • This convention also applies if brown cards are re-clued to perform a Finesse.

Brown Tempo Clue Inversion

  • In a normal Double Tempo Clue, all of the re-clued cards are supposed to play from left to right.
  • However, when multiple brown cards are re-clued with a brown color clue, it only means to play the right-most one and nothing else.

The Brown Loaded Play Clue

  • Loaded Play Clues are always "turned on" for brown cards, according to the Always Loaded Principle.

Positional Clues

  • In some situations, a player may have multiple brown cards in their hand, with one of them being playable. If the playable brown card is not the oldest card, it can be difficult to "get" the card to play.
  • In cases where a number clue is given that has no other conventional interpretation, it is an indication to the player with two or more brown cards of which slot to play.
  • For example, in a 3-player game:
    • All of the 2's are played.
    • Bob has four brown cards clued with a brown color clue on slots 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    • Alice clues Bob number 2, touching a blue 2 on his slot 1.
    • Bob knows that since all of the 2's are already played, whatever 2 this is must be a trash 2.
    • Bob also knows that this cannot be a Trash Chop Move, a Trash Push, or any of the other trash moves.
    • Bob instead interprets this as a Positional Clue, and plays his slot 2 brown card.
AliceClue GiverClue GiverBobBob2Blue 2Brown 3Play