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Suboptimal Moves

These are Finesses that are triggered by performing a suboptimal clue or by picking a strange choice for a clue.

The Suboptimal Prompt & The Suboptimal Finesse & The Suboptimal Bluff

  • The Suboptimal Finesse is covered at level 19.

The Declined 5's Finesse

  • The 5's Chop Move is typically used to save a 5 and a critical non-5 at the same time. This is very efficient, because it saves both cards with one clue instead of having to spend two clues.
  • So, when a player has this strategy available, but instead declines to do it and clues the critical card on chop directly (without touching any other cards), then this is quite strange.
  • In this situation, the player must be trying to communicate something extra. Similar to an Occupied Finesse, the player is trying to signal that this seemingly innocent Save Clue is actually a Play Clue instead. Someone on the team must have the cards to make this critical card playable.
  • In some situations, the blind-player may have to defer playing into the Finesse and instead give a 5 Save to the player with the (now) unsafe chop. If they do, then this is not a problem - the clue receiver can retroactively determine that a Declined 5's Finesse has occurred and should not stomp on the Finesse.

The Rank Choice Save Finesse

  • When saving a card, players have to choose carefully between using a color clue or a rank clue. However, in some rare situations, it makes absolutely no difference which clue is used:
    • Both color and rank would only touch the specific card.
    • Both color and rank would communicate the exact identity of the specific card.
    • Both color and rank would not give any useful negative information to the other cards in the hand.
  • In these situations, the player giving the clue has a completely free choice between rank and color. We agree that by default, players should use color to save the card.
  • If players instead use a rank clue to save the card, this communicates a Rank Choice Save Finesse.