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Save Clues

2 Saves Off Chop on the First Turn

  • This convention only applies to 3-player games.
  • On the first turn of the game, it is not possible to discard. If there is absolutely nothing else to do, it is permissible in this situation to use a number 2 clue to save a 2 that is not on chop, but only if the other players can see that you had no other choice.

Saving Playable Cards when the Preceding Cards Are Not Promptable

  • Often times, a player will have two similar clued cards in their hand with the left-most being unplayable and the right-most being playable. In this situation, the other members of the team cannot use a Prompt to "get" the cards, since the left-most would misplay.
  • For example, in a 3-player game:
    • Red 1 is played on the stacks.
    • Earlier on in the game, Bob was given a 2 Save clue. Now, he has a playable red 2 on his slot 5 and an unplayable blue 2 on his slot 4.
    • Cathy has a red 3 on her chop.
    • If Alice clued the red 3 in Cathy's hand, Bob would be Prompted for slot 4, and blue 2 would misplay.
AliceClue GiverClue GiverBobBlue 2Red 2CathyRed 3Illegal!
  • In this example, Cathy's red 3 is in danger of being discarded soon, so Alice is in a rough spot. From Save Principle, Alice is expected to not let the playable red 3 get discarded. But cluing the red 3 would cause Bob to misplay the valuable blue 2.
  • Players in this kind of situation will generally solve it in two ways:

A Tempo Clue + A Play Clue

  • Two players can work together. One player can give a Tempo Clue to the unpromptable card, and the other player can give a Play Clue to the next card.
  • Alternatively, one player can give a Tempo Clue to the unpromptable card and assume that the player with the next card will give some clue. Later on, someone can clue the next card.

A Play Clue + A Fix Clue

  • If the next player will not immediately misplay, then sometimes you can give the Play Clue to the next card first.
  • The other players on the team are expected to realize what is going on and help out by immediately giving a Fix Clue to the Prompted player before they misplay.