Convention Attribution

General Terms#

  • The general terms of chop, Finesse, and Bluff were not invented by this group. Those basic strategies were the building blocks for the current Hyphen-ated framework.
  • "Chop" is a term invented by Ben Smalls, one of the more prominent early Hanabi players. The earliest mention of the word on the Board Game Geek forums comes from his post back in 2013.
  • A "finesse" is a common strategy in bridge, so that is the likely origin of the term. The earliest mention of "finesse" and "bluff" on the Board Game Geek forums comes from Adam Kunsemiller's post in 2012. He uses the terms in a colloquial way, which implies that these strategies were commonly used at the time of writing.
  • The specific inventors of some of our own strategies are listed below.

Conventions for All Variants#

Convention NameInventor
The First PrinciplesDuneaught
The 2 SaveHyphen-ated & Duneaught
Chop-FocusZamiel & Hyphen-ated
The Layered FinesseAntizoubilamaka
The Clandestine FinesseAntizoubilamaka
The Patch FinesseZamiel & Libster
The 3 BluffHyphen-ated
The Double BluffHyphen-ated
The Double Half BluffHyphen-ated
The Triple BluffZamiel
The Triple Two-Thirds BluffZamiel
Playing 1's from Oldest to NewestDuneaught
The Gentleman's DiscardDuneaught
The Layered Gentleman's DiscardDuneaught
The Tempo Clue Chop MoveZamiel
Discard Elimination & The Elimination Blind-PlayAridolomo, Hyphen-ated, & Duneaught
The Double Tempo Clue InversionDuneaught
The Elimination FinesseZamiel & Ahming
The Elimination Riding DeductionDuneaught
The Free Choice FinesseHyphen-ated
The Trash PushDuneaught
The Trash BluffDuneaught & Zamiel & IAMJEFF
The Trash FinesseDuneaught
The Trash Push FinesseDuneaught
The Hesitation Blind-PlayZamiel
The Priority Prompt & The Priority FinesseLibster & Zamiel
The Priority Bluff & The Priority Layered FinesseZamiel
The Certain FinesseZamiel
The Scream Discard Chop Move910dan & Zamiel
The Critical 4 BluffLibster
The Chop TransferDuneaught
The Whisper Discard Chop MoveZamiel
The Negative Blind-PlayAhming
The Elimination BluffZamiel
The Elimination Layered FinesseZamiel
The Rebellious DiscardZamiel
Focus InversionZamiel
The Early GameLibster & Florrat
The Double Tempo ClueHyphen-ated & Zamiel
The Hard BluffFlorrat
The Double/Triple Pass BluffZamiel
The Out-of-Order FinesseZamiel
The Speed-up ClueLibster
The Pestilent (Double) BluffZamiel
The Diseased Clandestine FinesseFlorrat
The Distribution ClueLibster
The Elimination Riding Deduction BluffDuneaught
Self-Elimination Finesse Priority910dan
Double Discard EliminationZamiel
The No-Information Double Finesse & The No-Information Double BluffZamiel
The Layered JumpLibster
The Free Choice BluffZamiel
The Suboptimal Color Prompt & The Suboptimal Color FinesseZamiel
The Suboptimal Color BluffZamiel
The Continuation ClueLibster
The Just-In-Time Fix ClueZamiel
The Occupied Play Clue & The Occupied FinesseZamiel
The Echo Scream DiscardFlorrat & Zamiel
The Bad Touch Double Finesse & The Bad Touch Double BluffSankala
EjectionRazvogor & Zamiel & Sankala
The Order Chop MoveZamiel & Libster
The Trash Order Chop MoveZamiel & Libster
Duplication ResponsibilityZamiel
The Promise Clue & The Promise DiscardZamiel & Libster
The Unnecessary Trash Finesse/Bluff Chop MoveLibster
The Surreptitious FinesseSankala
The Early 5's Chop MoveLibster
The 5 PullLibster
The 5 Pull PromiseLibster
The Load ClueZamiel
The Composition DiscardLibster
The Negative Self-Chop MoveLibster
The Declined 5's FinesseZamiel
The Suboptimal FinesseZamiel
The Inverted Priority FinesseZamiel
The Trash PullLibster
The Paused Priority FinesseAsddsa
The Double Scream Discard Chop MoveAsddsa
The Distribution FinesseAsddsa
The Double Positional MisplayLibster
The Bad Touch FinesseZamiel
The Inverted 5's Tempo ClueNoMercy
The Unknown Trash DischargeSankala
The Unnecessary Trash Pushsjdrodge
Trash Touch Eliminationsjdrodge
The Bad Chop Move EjectionIAMJEFF
The 5 Color EjectionIAMJEFF
The Double 5 PullIAMJEFF
Stacked EjectionFireheart
The Trash Push DischargeIAMJEFF
The 5 Number DischargeIAMJEFF
The Blaze DiscardIAMJEFF
The Rank Choice EjectionIAMJEFF
Selfish Focus InversionRomain
The Trash Double IgnitionLibster
The Shadow Finessepianoblook
The 4 CharmIAMJEFF
The Safety Charmpianoblook
The Self Color EjectionIAMJEFF
The Prophetic Finessepianoblook
The Prophetic Dischargepianoblook
The Cursed Finessepianoblook
The Unknown Dupe DischargeIndego
The Shallow Discard & The Shallow MisplayJerry
The Unknown Trash Charmpiper
The Replay Double IgnitionJerry
The Poke Double IgnitionJerry

Variant-Specific Conventions#

Convention NameInventor
The Full FinesseNoMercy
Crazy 3 Saves & Crazy 4 SavesLibster
Modified Black 3 & Black 4 SavesFlorrat
The Black 4 BluffZamiel & Libster
Pink PromiseZamiel
The Black Save BluffSankala
The Bubblegum FinesseRazvogor
The Bubblegum BluffStephen
The Bubblegum SlideIAMJEFF
The Bubblegum Wraparoundkimbifille
Pink & Omni Majority ConventionsFireheart
Null Positional CluesRazvogor, Zamiel, IAMJEFF, & Kakashi
The Slot FinesseIAMJEFF
The Slot Double BluffIAMJEFF
Dark Rainbow SavesFlorrat, Libster, & Zamiel
Dark Omni & Gray Pink Pseudo SavesIAMJEFF
Dark Omni & Gray Pink Pseudo-Rank SavesIAMJEFF
Special 5 SavesLibster
The Negative PromptZamiel & Libster
The Unnecessary Blue BluffJake
Color Blind ConventionsZamiel & Florrat
Totally Blind ConventionsZamiel & IAMJEFF
The Mismatch FinesseZamiel
The 1's Color Ejection (1CE)Kakashi
The 1's Chop MoveIAMJEFF
The U-Turn FinesseNoMercy
Cow & Pig Rank SavesFlorrat
Conventions for Variant with No Positive CluesKakashi, IAMJEFF, & Libster
Empty CluesZamiel & Florrat
The Empty FinesseInstantiation
The Empty Double-PlayZamiel & Jeep
The Empty BluffCory
The Turnabout EjectionPianoblook