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The Critical Save

  • Critical cards are defined as cards that have all other copies discarded.
  • For the same reason that 5's need to be saved, critical cards also need to be saved.
  • We agree that players can save critical cards with either a color clue or a number clue.
  • In the example below:
    • Alice clues Bob blue, which touches a card on slot 4.
    • Before this clue, the only clued card in Bob's hand was the 5 on slot 5.
    • Bob's first instinct is that this could be a Play Clue on the blue 2. However, since the clue was focused on his chop, this could also be a Save Clue.
    • Bob looks through the discard pile and finds that there is a blue 4 there. Thus, this could be a Save Clue on the blue 4. So, Bob knows that for now, he has to hold on to the card.
    • Bob marks the card as either a blue 2 or a blue 4, so that he can keep track of it for later. Then, he discards.
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