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Clue Interpretation

Clue Overview#

In conclusion, there are:

  1. Play Clues
    • normal Play Clues
    • Delayed Play Clues
  2. Save Clues
    • the 5 Save
    • the 2 Save
    • the Critical Save

And only one card is focused by a clue.

Clue Interpretation Algorithm#

When a clue happens and you need to figure out what it means, always ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What slot is focused?
    • Use the 4-step process we covered in the previous section.
  2. Is it a Play Clue or a Save Clue or could it be both?
    • Non-chop clues are always Play Clues.
    • Chop clues can be either a Play Clue or a Save Clue.
  3. What is the identity of the card?
    • Based on whether it is a Play Clue or Save Clue, record all of the possibilities as a card note.

Follow this algorithm every time! Don't skip a step!