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The 2 Save

  • Even though there are two copies of each 2, we agree that 2's are so important that we need to save them in a manner similar to 5's.
  • We agree that 2's should be saved with a number 2 clue. This is called a 2 Save.
  • In the example below:
    • Alice clues Bob number 2, which touches a 2 on slot 5.
    • Before this clue, Bob did not have any clued cards in his hand.
    • Since the clue was focused on his chop, Bob knows that this must be a 2 Save on the 2. It can be any 2 in the game.
AliceClue GiverClue GiverBob2

When Multiple Copies are Visible#

  • You can think of the 2 Save as a last resort to save a 2. Thus, players are not allowed to perform a 2 Save on a 2 if that same 2 is visible in someone else's hand.
  • This is because the team does not actually need to save that 2 quite yet - they can 2 Save the other copy later on.
  • For example, in a 3-player game:
    • Bob has a red 2 on slot 5 (his chop).
    • Cathy has a red 2 on slot 3.
    • Thus, it would be illegal for Alice to perform a 2 Save on Bob's red 2.
AliceClue GiverClue GiverBobCathy