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The Three Main Principles

  • So far, we have covered:
    • how to discard (i.e. the chop)
    • how to tell what a clue means (i.e. a Play Clue or a Save Clue)
    • how to tell what the focus of a clue is (i.e. Chop-Focus or left-most)
  • But that doesn't really tell you much about the strategy involved in playing Hanabi. How do players find the best move for a certain situation?
  • Hanabi is very complicated, so it is impossible to write a guide on how to find the best move. (And that's a good thing, because the game continues to be interesting to play, even after thousands of games!)
  • Luckily, beginners can focus on internalizing just three main principles:
    1. Good Touch Principle
    2. Save Principle
    3. Minimum Clue Value Principle
  • Let's go through each principle individually.