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Card Layout


In this guide, there will be some images to show off the concepts introduced.

Play Stacks & Player Hands

  • The five play stacks are on the left.
  • The player hands are on the right.
  • Alice is always player 1. (She will always go first.)
  • Bob is always player 2. (He will always go second.)
  • Cards are drawn and added to the left side to each hand.
    • Thus, Alice's newest card is the blue 1 and Bob's newest card is the red 1.
  • Conversely, the oldest card is the right-most card.
    • Thus, Alice's oldest card is the blue 5 and Bob's oldest card is the red 5.
  • A card's slot refers to its position in the hand, from left to right.
    • Thus, the blue 1 is on slot 1, the blue 2 is on slot 2, etc.
AliceSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5BobSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5


  • Arrows indicate that a card was "touched" by the last clue that was given.
  • Clued cards will have permanent yellow borders around them.
AliceClue GiverClue GiverBob11

Challenge Questions

After each section, there will be one or more challenge questions. Once you have solved the question, click on the "Solution" tab near the top of the screen to see the answer.